Our Commitments

Supporting projects which make sense

Improving cities requires the use of constructive goal setting. Therefore we do not use prefabricated concepts; instead, we take into consideration your specific needs in order to develop feasible solutions together.

We support the smart use of resources – not just in the short term, but also the long term – and look at the possible impacts your project can have. Questions of acceptance, participation or follow-up costs can be taken into account through early planning.

For a sustainable future

We follow closely the discussions about climate change and all kinds of transition, may they be demographic, energetic or environmental (etc.). Their impact will be decisive. Analysing cities from a historic perspectives provides us plenty of advices which are used in our consulting offer.

We stand for more quality of life, understanding and respect, integration, flair and sustainable progress.

Keeping our knowledge up-to-date

Cities are subject to permanent transformation and consquently the state of the art. We stay up-to-date:

  1. Own city research and trend scouting
  2. We offer training and information
  3. Production of studies and benchmarks
  4. Assessing the meaning of labels, trendy terms and their implications (“smart, data, green” etc.)

Independent evaluations

We do not represent any product or school of thought.

Where do urban development trends come from, who has created them and with which intention? We show you to find your way through the jungle of funded concepts and commercial offers, in order to help you to find the best matching solution.

A responsible approach

We know that consultancy is subject to criticism. We give it some thoughts every day in order to make sure that we exercise our job for the sake of the society. Each of our clients recieves our full attention. These things particularly matter to us:

  1. Support projects which make sense for people, cities and the environment
  2. Address the goals of sustainability, resilience and protection of the environment
  3. Actively promote integration
  4. No use of prefabricated concepts
  5. Client fairness: we try to formulate adequate offers
  6. Get your team “aboard” and show respect without trying to replace them

Giving talents the opportunity to show their skills

Working with us to design better cities will enlarge your horizon. We are always looking for know-how and new perspectives, without any prejudices. We commit ourselves to boosting talent by cooperating with young artists and working to integrate a seeing-impaired partner.

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