Our Services


SynappCity is a consulting company specialized in European strategies and public funding, with experience in three areas of expertise.


  • Monitoring of European and national funding programs
  • Anticipation of calls for projects
  • Follow-up of the EU agenda
  • Summary presentation of funding programs
  • Examples of projects
  • Thematic guides (e.g. Climate change…)
  • Eligibility test of your project
  • Application file preparation
  • Roadmap
  • Structuring
  • Writing support
  • Linguistic support
  • Proofreading of your application
  • Improvements
  • Recommendations
  • Optimization
  • Help in finding partners
  • Assistance in partner selection
  • Structuring of consortium
  • Animation and management of international meetings
  • Management of project relationships
  • Reporting roadmaps
  • Preparation of reports
  • Writing support
  • Alerts
  • Relationship management with funding authorities
  • Project storytelling
  • Support to project communication
  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings
  • Presentation of your project to funding authorities
  • Alert on public consultations and position papers
  • Follow-up on regulatory changes
  • Regular exchanges with official contact points
  • Respect for ethics and transparency
  • Evaluations of Managing Authorities
  • Application Evaluations
  • Interim Project Evaluations
  • Final project evaluations


  • Alternative fuels
  • Integration in energy systems
  • Logistics ecosystems
  • R&D Experience
  • State of the art
  • Ecosystems of innovative projects
  • Publications
  • R&D Experience
  • Eco-districts
  • Definition of concepts
  • Co-construction processes
  • Publications
  • Comparative approaches
  • Knowledge of the German Energiewende
  • Publications
  • Large seaports
  • Regional ports
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Cross-border Missing Links
  • Multimodal platforms
  • Infrastructure developments


  • Project management assistance
  • Comparative studies
  • Bilingual reports
  • Cross-border governance
  • Structuring projects
  • INTERREG funding
  • Relaunch of cross-border lines
  • Contributions to the European agenda
  • Strategic positioning
  • Animation of round tables
  • Organization and facilitation of workshops
  • Conference presentations
  • French-German Office
  • Binational references
  • Mastery of system comparisons


  • Deciphering EU strategies
  • Project benchmarks
  • Innovations and R&D developments
  • Support for the realization of cost-benefit analyses during the preparation of applications
  • Application of the methodologies required by the funding programs
  • Work with partners
  • Support for the realization of cost-benefit analyses during the preparation of applications
  • Application of the methodologies required by the funding programs
  • Work with partners
  • Identification of your contributions to the Green Deal
  • Repositioning of the project, work on the perimeter
  • Sharpening of arguments

Contact us:

Courriel : christoph.rat-fischer (at) synappcity.com

Tél : +33 (0)6 75 40 23 77


For the international exchange of knowledge and cooperation, we provide the following know-how:

  1. Language understanding and technical translations
  2. Management of cultural differences
  3. Investigation and clarification of structural and infrastructural differences
  4. Adaptation of concepts
  5. Assistance in identifying partners and setting up consortia
  6. Knowledge of international and EU funding organizations and programs
  7. Coordination

Public services, companies, research and civil society are more and more led, sometimes forced, to cooperate. We help you to bring together the different interests and work cultures:

  1. Explaining the differences in working approaches
  2. Searching for suitable partners and setting up operational forms of exchange
  3. Search for compatible interests
  4. Development of common work programs and communication contents
  5. Coordination

Public funding programs are increasingly competitive. Take advantage of our experience:

  1. Definition of objectives
  2. Detection of funding opportunities and frank evaluation of the chances of success
  3. In the case of European funding, cooperation with established project specialists from our network
  4. Support in the preparation of the application
  5. Scientific review
  6. Project coordination and monitoring

We don’t know everything. But we do know how to find the missing information:

  1. Cooperation with trusted partners
  2. Long experience and connection to the European knowledge exchange
  3. Direct participation in research projects
  4. Anchoring in local work in the Upper Rhine (France, Germany) and in Poland

We develop solutions for your needs, taking into account:

  1. Your objectives
  2. Your team and your resources
  3. The local context
  4. The time factor
  5. The project as a whole

What really matters to us:

  1. Supporting relevant and useful projects
  2. Taking into account the international objectives of sustainable development
  3. Actively contributing to the integration of disadvantaged people
  4. Involve and energize your teams with respect, without overshadowing them