Our Team

Founder of SynappCity in 2016 after having worked in local authorities and then as R&D project manager for the European Institute for Energy Research, Christoph Rat-Fischer advises local authorities and companies in their European and territorial innovation strategies. He has contributed to the evaluation and optimization of European funds policies (metropolises, regional councils), and to numerous project set-ups for public and private entities of all sizes.

Christoph Rat-Fischer is regularly evaluating applications, projects and programs (National Research Agency, EU programs, especially INTERREG, large companies…). He is very active in cross-border cooperation, which he knows well, as his dual French-German nationality allows him to act as a facilitator for many exchanges.

Our team also includes the Franco-Polish political journalist Zbigniew Stefanik, a specialist in visual impairment. Together we form a cross-border team in many ways, bringing a deep knowledge of the French, German and Polish cultures – especially of the respective working cultures. With French, German and Polish as our mother tongues, we support our consultancy with a high level of linguistic competence.


Senior Consultant in European Affairs, Founder

  • Master’s degree in Europe and Franco-German cooperation (IEP Strasbourg)
  • Diploma in Political Science (IEP Strasbourg)
  • French (native speaker)
  • German (native speaker)
  • English

christoph.rat-fischer (at) synappcity.com

Phone: +33 675 40 23 77


Associate expert, political journalist

  • Diploma of the College of Europe (Natolin)
  • Master’s degree in Europe and Franco-Polish cooperation (IEP Strasbourg)
  • Diploma in Political Science (IEP Strasbourg)
  • French (native speaker)
    Polish (native speaker)

zbigniew.stefanik (at) synappcity.com

Phone: +33 663 62 28 81


Junior Consultant

  • Magister in Linguistics (Albert-Ludwig Universität Freiburg)
  • German (native speaker)
  • French
  • English
  • Polish


European expertise requires teamwork. SynappCity is part of the network of experts in European affairs in Strasbourg, able to mobilize senior profiles when our missions require particular specialties.

Europeanne, ITG.IGT, TraceMaker and many others are among our regular partners to meet your needs.