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What is SynappCity?

SynappCity is an independent consulting service founded by Christoph Rat-Fischer. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life in cities by bringing people back to the roots of a sustainable and resilient urban environment.

The idea of SynappCity was born of the observation that knowledge to design better cities is available but often too complex and inaccessible for many interested participants.

SynappCity incorporates urban excellence into project planning for the sake of improving strategies and projects for everyone – no matter the size of the city or the experience of our clients, whether from the public or private sector.

about us:

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Karlsruhe, in Germany.

International, mostly in Europe.

Political sciences, urban expertise. Development, writing, support and evaluation of strategies and projects.

      1. Work of local public authorities in France and Germany
      2. EU project development
      3. European and cross-border cooperation
      4. Coordination of international industrial R&D
      5. Publication and communication
      6. Management of disability
      7. …and so much more ! For more details, please contact us!

English, German, French, Polish.

Our offer is special because it is multidisciplinary and intercultural. We re-designed  and dedicated our know-how to cities. Our holistic approach always strives for excellence and takes into account: cultural differences (regional and professional ones), the complexity of the urban environment, global challenges, esthetics, integration or transparency.

Good advice makes sense!

Don’t waste time and resources – we’ll show you how to work professionally on city projects. Our consulting service provides systematic analyses of concepts, funding mechanisms, technical options and key partnerships.

Using our expertise, we’ll help you develop a solid business strategy so you can take decisive questions into account early on, such as future acceptance, cooperation possibilities or follow-up costs. Let us tell your story, and your project will have greater resonance with an even broader audience.

The success of an idea stands or falls with the men and women carrying it, so we place a lot of emphasis on including your team: our training sessions and creativity-management will boost your undertaking!

Our enthusiastic, international and interdisciplinary approach offers you a one-of-a-kind experience. SynappCity is familiar with existing concepts and will help you to develop the right solutions for your city. And, if the need arises, we can bring in recognized experts and promising talents from our network, in order to achieve the best possible result.