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Urban storytelling

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A strong project needs credible communication. Our understanding of cities and our cool design approaches will shape your messages!

Comparative analyses and city benchmarking

Comparing cities which can be compared. For neutral and objective assessments.

Strategic City Profiling

Where is a city located? What are the potentials, the options? Let’s have a check.

Urban Trend Scouting

Smart city, smart grids, sustainable cities, energy transition, resilience, open data and more. Which are the hot topics? What is going on in the world of city development? What’s a good match for your city? Let’s check it out.


Decision-making, project development

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Professional support helping you to transform your ideas and visions into good projects.

Individual briefing

Do you know what really matters to a city? Do you have the time, the methodology and the intuition to check it out? If not, we can do it for you.


We make urban and EU topics understandable to all. Ask about our tailor-made workshops!

When analysing a city (e.g. for Strategic city profiling) we look at :

  1. Geographic and spatial characteristics
  2. The socio-cultural context
  3. The political orientation and city marketing issues
  4. The presence of companies and the local economy in general
  5. The historic development of the city

For international knowledge exchange and cooperations, we provide :

  1. Linguistic understanding and technical translations
  2. Intercultural management
  3. Analysis and explanation of structural and infrastructural differences
  4. Adaptation of concepts
  5. Helping to identify partners and setting up consortia
  6. Knowledge of EU and international organisations and funding programs
  7. Coordination

Public services, companies, research and civil society have to cooperate more and more often. We help you to bring the different interests and working cultures together:

  1. Explanation of working differences
  2. Detection of matching partners and definition of pragmatic communication procedures
  3. Detection of compatible interests
  4. Development of common working programs as well as communication contents
  5. Coordination

Innovation, funding and cooperation for city projects and programs can’t afford improvisation. We are offering our experience:

  1. Definition of objectives
  2. Detection of funding opportunities and fair assessment of success probabilities
  3. For EU-Funding, eventual further cooperation with established and successful application specialists from our network
  4. Application support
  5. Scientific proof-reading
  6. Project coordination and monitoring

We don’t know everything. But we know how to find the missing parts:

  1. Cooperation with trustworthy partners
  2. Long experience and connection to the European knowledge exchange
  3. Participation in research projects
  4. Interdisciplinary understanding of urban topics
  5. Connection to local projects in the Upper Rhine (France, Germany) and Poland

We design matching offers, taking into account:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your team and resources
  3. Your local context
  4. The time factor
  5. Your project as a whole

Cities are in a constant state of change. We stay up-to-date:

  1. Independently-led city research and trend scouting
  2. Preparation of professional development training
  3. Production of studies and benchmarks
  4. Assessing the meaning of labels, trendy terms and their implications (“smart, data, green, eco-districts” etc.)

We know that consultancy is subject to criticism. Each of our clients receives our full attention and the following issues particularly matter to us:

  1. Supporting projects which make sense for people, cities and the environment
  2. Address the goals of sustainability, resilience and protection of the environment
  3. Actively promote social integration
  4. No use of prefabricated concepts
  5. Client fairness: we try to formulate reasonable offers
  6. Get your team “on board” and show respect without trying to replace them

We offer the usual rates of the consulting branch.

We think that consulting should always be worth it to you. Negotiation sets the tone – we don’t strive to be the cheapest; we strive for excellency. Before getting started, we will always consider and weigh your needs and suggest different options. We’ll find a matching format for all our clients without downscaling the quality of our work.

You are interested or maybe curious? Great! Please feel free to contact us or just leave us your contact details and your questions. I will personally contact you as soon as possible.

Christoph Rat-Fischer, Founder.

SynappCity – Urban Change Strategies

You are not sure yet which offer really addresses your needs? You would like more details or to know which budget to expect? We are always available at your convenience to discuss and answer all your questions!


* DATA POLICY : Data privacy is important to us. We will not transfer your data to third parties without informing you. Data collected in the frame of our services is used only for our client database. They can be deleted upon written request.

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