City insights: the role of infrastucture

A decisive indicator

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in a city’s aggregate economic system – it predetermines the connection of large networks such as high-speed railway, maritime trade or internet broadband.

Without appropriate dimensions, it can have disastrous consequences on the local community. Many recently-built regional airports in Europe are living proof of this.

A contradicting urban culture

Massive infrastructure is part of the urban contradiction – being at once responsible for attractiveness, creating jobs and even a source of identity, it can at the same time create negative impacts, like noise, pollution, environmental issues and consumption of space.

A challenging relationship

Local municipalities and companies frequently have complicated relationships with their own cities, even if collaboration would improve their international standing!

History proves that a successful local strategy may largely depend on the quality of cooperation between an urban area and its infrastructure.

Our expertise

SynappCity looks at the relationship between urban municipal authorities, their infrastructures and other relevant players. We facilitate their convergence and cooperation in order to define common interests and work out compromises.

EU-Funding with Symbios Funding GmbH

We are cooperating with Symbios Funding & Consulting Gmbh since 2016 for the development of major transport and energy infrastructure projects.

Together, we support infrastructure managers with the preparation of funding application (particularly in the frame of the EU CEF-Program), their management, as well as strategy issues. We also have a close cooperation on mobility questions.

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