Urban insights: CITY NETWORKS

Cities never walk alone...

Historical alliances such as the Hansa in Northern Europe or the Confederation of the Rhine are still influencing their regions.

Cities are intensely interconnected: they observe and get inspiration from each other, compete and look for strategic partnerships.

Their importance is rising

The continuous progression of urbanisation worldwide will increase these phenomena and intensify competition.

Difference matters

How do cities measure up to one another? Which partnerships may be decisive? Which of them became success stories?

This not just about metropoles and megacities – any size city brings its own set of challenges.

Our expertise

We have been studying the transfer of ideas and innovation between cities for many years. When does it happens? Who is behind it? For what purpose and with what degree of success? How do public authorities without dedicated R&D manage to keep surprising the industry, again and again…

Our city expertise, combined with practical knowledge and experience, will help you to better understand these interactions.

What city networking really means

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