Cooperation is the key

Modernising local governance is the basis for all upcoming urban transitions. At stake is how cities of the future will look and how they will be managed is at stake here.

A new way of thinking

What will be the relationship between local stakeholders down the road? Will they be able to develop common visions for their territory?

This question is more important than creating new institutions.  In order to facilitate collective intelligence, we need to question the status quo – how beneficial are certain present-day mindsets, techniques or strategies?

The reorganization has started

Experiments are already underway testing new types of cooperation forms between authorities, civil society and companies.

In particular,  development of participative approaches empowers and unleashes the potentials of urban society, renewing acceptance of projects.

Our expertise

We combine theoretical aspects of social and political sciences with practical observations from throughout Europe, providing you with helpful insights on new forms of good governance and how urban societies are reorganizing themselves.

Governance is changing,
are you?

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